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The Power of Awareness

Aneela gets real.

Hear how Aneela took control of her battle with mental health and transformed her experience into a product that helps others.


Aneela’s story is real, and her journey has not been easy. Decades ago Aneela Idnani nearly committed suicide partly because she pulled out her hair and thought she was alone, ugly and not good enough. Hair pulling (trichotillomania) is part of a group of debilitating mental health conditions - Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors - that affect 1 in 20 Americans (~20M) who, like Aneela, are hurting in hiding.

Today, Aneela has found purpose in this pain. Her company, HabitAware, empowers tens of thousands around the world to take control of hair pulling, as well as skin picking (dermatillomania), nail biting & face touching. Their smart bracelet, Keen, is a TIME Magazine Best Invention and holds research grants from the NIH & NSF.

HabitAware’s patented technology recognizes & brings awareness to these restless hand movements with a gentle vibration. This cues a moment of pause for healthy self care. With consistent practice, our "Keen family" is heightening awareness and retraining their brains.

Aneela is a mental health advocate, author and TED speaker raising awareness of these very common yet unknown conditions. You can listen to her TED talk here. Aneela is a native New Yorker who proudly calls Minneapolis home.


To learn more about Aneela Idnani and HabitAware Inc., head over to their website!



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