Brooke is a Founder of a Recruiting firm and Software Company.  She is a serial entrepreneur and understands some of the challenges that women face chasing their dreams, wearing multiple hats in life and the endurance and grit it takes to build a company.  The Wild Feather idea came from being a participant in a Women Entrepreneur Masterclass. It became very apparent that we have stories to tell but most of all we need support, encouragement, insight and ongoing inspiration to face the obstacles and challenges we go through.  You can make it on your own but it makes it so much easier and better when you have a a group of cheerleaders in your corner cheering you on, providing resources, feeding off of your ideas, helping with strategies, sharing their experiences, and leaning on one another.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Behind The Mic

I am a Founder of a SaaS company, Entrepreneur, Recruiting leader and a Podcast Host.  I have worked with startups for over 14 years and started a recruiting firm in 2008 that specializes in building established startups that are ready to scale.  It wasn’t until I became the Founder of boj did I truly understand the immense grit, trials, tribulations, huge startup lessons, fundraising, support system and every demand and struggle a startup goes through.  On this journey, I joined a Female Entrepreneur Masterclass and discovered the need for support, encouragement, inspiration and resources for female entrepreneurs, founders and investors.  I am always inspired and amazed by the woman who share their stories and shine a light on the world.  I am forever grateful for the strength, courage and perseverance of female founders and investors. 

I am the CEO of Carbon 3 Recruiting, Founder/CEO of boj, Owner of Beyond Your Compass and Podcast host for Is Everyone Smiling?  Getting People and Culture Right.   

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