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Start By Asking Them Two Questions a Day

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Joan Kelley is the Founder and CEO of Abount Parenting, a mobile app and online resource for parents, care providers, and schools to increase the reading levels and abilities of kids.

After spending almost 11 years as a Research Associate & Educational Consultant in language diversity and literacy development research at Harvard University, it became clear to Joan that parents and care providers of children need to be actively involved in building the reading skills of their children.

Abound is redesigning the way schools and families work together on children’s reading development, and giving all adults in a child's life the chance to create high-quality learning opportunities during small moments of together-time each day.

Abound app makes it super easy and simplistic by giving families (or other adults caring for children) two questions to ask per day to build key reading skills through playful conversations about ideas and words.

Abound empowers parents and other care providers to build the reading skills children need for school success - through everyday conversations and knowledge building.

You can download Abound at

Android - Google Play Store: Abound Parenting Android Google Play



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