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The Bag that Puts the Styl(e) in Security

The Clear Handbag Revolution: How One Founder Overcame Game-Day Obstacles with Style and Sustainability"

Margo Perkins is the visionary founder behind Margo Paige and a passionate advocate for sustainable fashion.

Margo's journey began with a frustrating experience at a college football game where she was denied entrance due to her non-compliant handbag. Her rejection set her on a hunt for a clear compliant handbag. She found two options: cheap and expensive.

This sparked her to create fashionable and affordable clear handbags that met regulations, filling a gap in the market.

Recognizing the lack of options between inexpensive and flimsy products and high-end designer bags, Margo embarked on a mission to develop stylish, durable, and reasonably priced handbags. Despite having no formal design background, she fearlessly sketched her ideas and enlisted the support of manufacturers from competing brands. With unwavering dedication, Margo turned her side project into a full-time venture, launching Margo Paige three years ago.

Just as the business gained traction, the world was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, which profoundly impacted events and large gatherings—precisely the occasions for which Margo's products were designed. Rather than succumbing to the challenges, Margo saw an opportunity for growth and decided to pivot her business towards sustainability—an area she felt passionate about and believed to be the future of fashion.

During the pandemic, Margo furthered her knowledge by pursuing a fashion sustainability certificate at Parsons. This educational experience empowered her to integrate sustainability into the core of her brand's identity. In July 2022, Margo Paige relaunched with an entirely sustainable model. Clear handbags made from recycled materials became the centerpiece of her collection, aligning with her vision of eco-friendly fashion.

In addition to the clear handbags, Margo Paige expanded its offerings to include athleisure apparel. The athleisure line is thoughtfully designed to be lightweight, sweat-wicking, and versatile, effortlessly complementing any existing items in your wardrobe. By focusing on sustainable materials, fair working conditions, and ethical partnerships, Margo Paige strives to deliver eco-friendly apparel and accessories that elevate your active lifestyle.

One of the driving forces behind Margo's mission is her commitment to the entire lifecycle of the products. From their creation to packaging and delivery, every aspect of Margo Paige reflects sustainability. Margo encourages her customers to consider the end of life for each item, emphasizing the importance of responsible consumption and mindful disposal.

Join us on The Wild Feather as we delve into Margo Perkins' inspiring journey, exploring her dedication to sustainable fashion, her experiences during the pandemic, and the vision behind Margo Paige. We can't wait to hear Margo share her insights, challenges, and triumphs in building a brand that is transforming the handbag industry.

Listen to her episode at, Spotify, Apple, and Google.



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