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Mental Health Awareness

Did you know that over 20% of US adults live with mental health disorders? The numbers are staggering! That is the equivalent of 57.8 million people in the US alone.

Yet still so many people are reluctant to talk about their mental health, often due to fear, lack of understanding or embarrassment.  We have to change the stigma around mental health. This can only be done through love. There are a plethora of recourses online to help people understand the gravity of mental health issues.

Mental health is no longer something to ignore, but something to explore.

By being aware, and acknowledging within ourselves when we are anxious or depressed, we can learn to communicate these feelings more affectively to help others understand us. But first we have to understand ourselves, which is not an easy task. The only way to do it is to talk about it.

The best way to help someone struggling with mental health is compassion. By simply listening, and not judging, you can make a big difference in someone's life. If you know people who deal with depression or anxiety, a lot of the time you can't actually know when these disorders are affecting those around you. The only way to know is to ask, and to listen.

Listening to someone who has been suffering in silence goes a long way. Remember this, and implement compassion into conversations about mental health. The world is only as we perceive it to be, and perception can be deceiving, especially when mental health disorders are thrown into the mix.

Life is a lot to handle, and with a little love you can make a big difference.



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