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Meet Michelle Harthill

Celebrating 22 years in business, founder and CEO of Harthill Marketing Services, Michelle Payne-Harthill has broken through the proverbial glass ceiling, proving that women can be successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Most importantly, she has demonstrated that anything is possible when you are motivated and determined to succeed.

Michelle started her agency at the young age of 26. Like most young people starting out, she had no practical experience, specifically with running a full-service marketing agency.

What she did have was a strength that still works in her favor today; developing strong relationships. Determined to take the leap of faith as a business owner, Michelle’s incredible journey had begun. Within its first five years in business, Harthill Marketing Services was already establishing itself as a highly successful agency that provided a full suite of amenities for some of the most well-known brands in the world.

Under her continued guidance, Harthill Marketing Services now enjoys a well-deserved reputation for outstanding service and laser-focused execution of both proprietary and client-centric initiatives.

In 2016, Harthill Marketing Services was named the Best Full-Service Shopper Marketing Agency and in 2019, Michelle was named one of the Top 50 Women in Business.

In June 2020, Michelle launched her second business, - making Meeschell the first marketplace to host specifically natural, organic, and eco-friendly products by women-inspired brands.

Her passion for these better-for-you products came about eight years earlier while implementing brand-building strategies for clients with new-to-market products. She quickly noticed that even though consumer demand was on the rise for such products, finding them was still very challenging. After lots of research and conversations, she also then realized that most of these products were developed by women.

Since Michelle has a passion for working with both - was developed. In just over one year, Meeschell has partnered with over 20 amazing brands, bringing a robust selection of products under beauty, wellness, kids, pet, home, food, and beverages. Her goal is to be the only consumer consideration when shopping for products that benefit one's holistic lifestyle.

In complement of her enviable career, Michelle enjoys any opportunity to share her wide-ranging experience with young professionals. She is both a mentor to Marketing majors and oftentimes, a guest speaker, at California State University.

In addition, Michelle is a long-time member of the Network of Executive Women SoCal, where she is spearheading women in a small business initiative. Michelle and her team also facilitated the event that raised over $300,000 for the St. Louis Fisher House, which supports military families.



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