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Unleashing the E-Commerce Underdogs

Carolyn Lowe: Founder & CEO of ROI Swift, Public Speaker, Author, & more!

In 2015, Carolyn Lowe took the entrepreneurial leap and founded ROI Swift, an agency dedicated to supporting emerging consumer brands with revenues ranging from $3 to $50 million. With a laser focus on empowering these businesses, Carolyn and her team provide expert guidance in key areas such as Amazon optimization, Facebook/Instagram advertising, and Paid Search campaigns. The catalyst behind her venture was a realization that countless smaller businesses were being preyed upon by agencies promising grand results for exorbitant fees, and Carolyn made it her mission to right this wrong.

Setting the bar high, Carolyn's team achieved a remarkable feat by catapulting an apparel and footwear company from zero to a staggering $12 million in just 18 months through their expertise in paid Facebook and Instagram ads. Inspired by this incredible success, Carolyn has set her sights on assisting 1000 brands in their profitable growth journey. With 102 brands already benefiting from her strategic guidance, she is steadfastly working towards her goal, a mere 898 brands away from turning their dreams into reality.

The realm of expertise at ROI Swift is vast and all-encompassing, spanning across DTC e-Commerce, Paid Search Advertising, Paid Social Advertising, Strategic Growth Mindset, Klaviyo email marketing, Direct Marketing,, Team Coaching and Development, B2C Marketing, Pricing Strategy, Market Sizing, Strategic Partnerships, Relationship Management, and P&L Management. Not content with simply sharing her wisdom through her agency, Carolyn is also the author of the acclaimed book "Business Growth Do's and Absolute Don'ts" and a sought-after public speaker.

Despite juggling her thriving professional pursuits, Carolyn is a woman of many talents and passions. Alongside her business acumen, she holds a pilot's license and gracefully navigates the sky while simultaneously being a loving mother of two. Her multifaceted skill set and impressive accomplishments have earned her the well-deserved recognition as an E-commerce expert, making her a go-to resource for invaluable advice on business growth.

Throughout her illustrious career, Carolyn has embraced a profound truth: the power of finding one's tribe. Recognizing the transformative impact of community, she encourages entrepreneurs to seek out their own tribe—an exclusive group of like-minded individuals who share in the challenges and triumphs of building a business. Within this tribe, authenticity reigns supreme, providing a safe space to share the unfiltered realities of entrepreneurship, exchange insider tips, and foster personal and professional growth within a supportive network.

To delve deeper into Carolyn's remarkable journey and glean from her wealth of knowledge, don't miss her captivating episode on the Wild Feather podcast, available now. Discover the secrets of business growth, the art of nurturing a tribe, and gain insights that could shape the trajectory of your own entrepreneurial pursuits. Carolyn Lowe, the epitome of an extraordinary E-commerce expert, is here to share her expertise and guide you on the path to unparalleled success.


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