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Trial by Fire

In this episode, Sadrah gets REAL!!!

Sadrah is vulnerable and honest walking us through her founder journey of learning from mistakes and the hard lessons she learned covering production in an 800 square foot kitchen, growth/demand challenges, employee unions, hiring, overspending on employee benefits, bitter dismissed employees, Covid, laying off everyone, and more. Sadrah is a prime example of why I started The Wild Feather. Not to air the bad but to be real and to share the lessons we learn along our journey. We often hear only about success stories and we never hear about the trials and learning lessons that happen along the road to success. These stories are to impact and help others. You don't want to miss this episode!!

Sadrah Schadel is a leader and innovator in the plant-based food space. As the co-founder and CEO of No Evil Foods, she guided the growth of her company from a farmer's market to a national brand fueled by her commitment to animal welfare, social good, and creating killer culinary experiences through simple ingredients. She utilizes the visibility and success of her company as a vehicle to drive transformative impact, leading No Evil Foods to become the world’s first Certified Plastic Negative plant-based meat brand, as well as a Certified Fair Chance Business.

Sadrah’s dedication to giving back and working to improve systems of injustice runs deep. Her love and appreciation for good healthy food came from growing up in a vegan home.

IG & Facebook: @Noevilfoods NuMarket campaign: Linkedin Tune in to listen to Sadrah's wild and crazy adventure at No Evil Foods on The Wild Feather Podcast!



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