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Suzanne Finder: From Frayed to Fortified

In a world saturated with business gurus and self-proclaimed success coaches, Suzanne Finder stands out like a beacon. Not because of her accomplished 6-figure sales & marketing career, although that’s impressive in itself, but because of her personal journey battling PTSD, anxiety, and an autoimmune disease. Today, as the CEO of Mindful Success, she combines her personal experiences and professional acumen to lead a transformative revolution in the corporate and personal wellness sphere.

For many, childhood adversities cast a long, persistent shadow over their lives. Suzanne's struggles with PTSD and anxiety were compounded by the stark reality that these traumas often tie directly into chronic diseases. In Suzanne’s case, this manifested as an autoimmune disease. And while she navigated the stormy waters of corporate success, her internal battles with these conditions remained unresolved.

For over two decades, she immersed herself in talk therapies, various medical treatments, and an array of spiritual practices. But a key piece of the puzzle eluded her: the significant role her nervous system played in her health and wellbeing. No doctor or therapist ever pointed out that her nervous system was in constant defense mode, hindering her healing and affecting her ability to make clear decisions and form genuine connections.

However, true to her nature, Suzanne didn't remain stuck. Once she discovered the critical role the nervous system plays and began restoring it, her life transformed. Miraculously, many of her health issues were resolved independently. In fact, at the age of 61, her cellular age was astonishingly measured at a youthful 31, a testament to the powerful interplay between mind, body, and healing.

But Suzanne's journey didn’t end with personal healing. Recognizing the profound impact that understanding and addressing the nervous system could have, she channeled her experiences and insights into establishing Mindful Success. Today, she heads a team of dedicated coaches and consultants assisting high-achieving women, budding startups, and business owners. They work relentlessly to ensure that success is not just an external achievement but an internal realization as well.

What truly sets Suzanne apart is her focus on addressing the psycho-neurological patterns driving our behavior. Suzanne's approach emphasizes the importance of understanding and repairing these inherent reflexes that often make us rigid and inflexible in the face of challenges, no matter how determined our conscious efforts might be.

Mindful Success identifies itself as a Polyvagal Informed consultancy. This means it provides essential support and education to both individuals and organizations. By focusing on the polyvagal theory, which explores the role of the vagus nerve in emotions, communication, and self-regulation, Suzanne helps repair and rejuvenate inter-system and interpersonal collaborations. The results? Enhanced creativity, problem-solving, and revenue growth, along with a notable decrease in dysfunction, employee attrition, and healthcare costs.

In Suzanne Finder, we see a remarkable amalgamation of grit, determination, vulnerability, and a sincere passion to make a difference. Her story is not just about overcoming personal adversities but about turning them into powerful tools for transformative change for founders and entrepreneurs. As we delve deeper into her insights and methodologies on our podcast, we invite you to join us on this enlightening journey with the luminary behind Mindful Success.



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