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Sustainable Fashion and H2OM: Abby Brown's Vision to Revolutionize the Industry

There's a palpable buzz around sustainable fashion, and for good reason. With more consumers becoming conscious of their purchasing decisions, brands that prioritize sustainability are rising to the forefront. One such trailblazer is Abby Brown, the visionary founder of H2OM.

H2OM, the ethical and sustainable activewear brand, is Abby's answer to the devastating plastic pollution she witnessed firsthand on the beaches of Bali and San Diego. With the mission to turn "mindlessness into mindfulness", she transformed discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles into fashionable leggings and sports bras.

Mindfulness in Every Stitch

For Abby, sustainable fashion isn't just about eco-friendly materials; it's about the mindset. Recollecting her memories from Asia, she says, "What started honestly, as a simple beach cleanup idea... transpired to making leggings and sports bras... I knew I wanted to make a product that would relate with those I was around a lot." Abby's background as a yoga teacher gave her a unique perspective on the needs of her target audience and how mindfulness intertwines with fashion.

The Challenges of Sustainable Fashion

Though sustainable fashion is gaining traction, carving a niche in the industry is no small feat. "Getting into garment manufacturing is so challenging," Abby admits. Despite having a minor in fashion merchandising, the apparel industry was a different beast altogether. But with determination and her extensive experience in marketing and advertising, Abby navigated these challenges.

Lessons for Aspiring Founders

In today's fast-paced startup culture, Abby's approach is refreshingly reflective, and her journey holds invaluable insights for anyone looking to dip their toes in the sustainable fashion arena. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is a blend of action and introspection. There's value in pausing, researching, and seeking guidance, ensuring the journey is as rewarding as the destination.


Abby Brown's H2OM is a testament to how passion, combined with a sustainable vision, can reshape an industry. As consumers, it's up to us to support such brands and champion the sustainable fashion movement. Because every purchase we make is a step closer to a greener, more mindful world.

Ready to dive deeper into Abby's inspiring mission? Tune into the latest episode of The Wild Feather Podcast and fuel your motivation to drive positive change.



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