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Plant based skincare that is good for you inside & out.

Kasia Cummings is the Founder, CEO,

and Chemist of Buffalo Organics Inc, a

wellness and beauty brand that encompasses the brands: Buffalo Gal Organic Skincare, Beauteafy Organic

Teas, Luxe Luminary sustainable candles/home décor, and Better than the Spa at-home spa experience. Each brand under the BGO umbrella is based on clean principles and how they can be incorporated into our everyday lives with the goal of feeling better, looking better & living cleaner.

Kasia’s first lotion was created to help her daughter’s skin sensitivities and Buffalo Gal grew from there. Her main principle is healthy skin for every body. So, she looked to nature to find solutions to help people have their best skin, ever. She achieved this by using plant-based ingredients blended with medicinal chemistry, to fuse the best of both worlds together to create multitasking and effective products from the outside in.

Kasia uses ingredients such as adaptogenic mushroom extracts + bioferments, hyaluronic acid + beta glucan, plant peptides + collagen, pre + probiotics, fermented + bioavailable botanicals, and whole plant sources of nutrients + vitamins, to create her holistic products.

Kasia received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical chemistry from the University at Buffalo. She lists her skills as a beauty expert, a formulator, a holistic creator, a graphic designer, and a spiritual gangster.

Listen to Kasia on this weeks episode of The Wild Feather Podcast!

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