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Meet Sammy Handler

KicksBySammy, LLC was created by an emerging artist in search of new and exciting canvases. For 26 year old Sammy Handler, paper is never enough. She sees any blank space as an opportunity for an exciting KicksBySammy custom design.

After hand painting University

of Maryland Ked sneakers in 2013,

Sammy bursted into the social media & art scene.

A self-made CEO, at 18 years old, Sammy

discovered that doodling on paper was

not enough for her creative passion,

so she decided to launch KicksBySammy,

a manifestation of her love of drawing and fashion.

In 2017, KicksBySammy evolved into an online custom accessories company that caters to an array of ages and genders. The focus is to provide Sammy’s hand-drawn artwork on a variety of customizable products. KBS is a one-stop shop for customers to create and personalize their dream products for everyday life & life milestones. Each item is made-to-order and printed on demand.

With increasing interest in Sammy's unique designs, KBS is also proud to collaborate artistically with celebrities and corporate clients to create artwork for events, invitations, promotional products, murals, and more.

Sammy has designed custom sneakers and products for celebrities/influencers such as Walter Parks, Stephanie Gottlieb, David Oliver Cohen, and Justice Smith. KBS has also collaborated with corporate partners, including NBCU, CBRE, JCK Las Vegas, Hamilton Jewelers, Primark, ZO Skincare, Sweet Spot, and more

Giving back has always been important to Sammy. KicksBySammy donates a portion of your online order to The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research to honor the memory of Sammy's grandmother, her Nanny, Karen Magidson.

Sammy hopes to inspire & guide her followers, fans, and customers to pursue their dreams and shoot for the stars.



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