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Join Anastasia's “Pop Up Think Tank”

Hear how and why Anastasia made the switch to Founder life and the valuable advice she would give to others who are thinking about starting a company or are on the founder journey.


Anastasia Tarpeh-Ellis is the co-founder of Bosa - a community-driven life management platform that helps busy parents achieve their goals. The vision for Bosa is to empower people to go after their ideas, dreams, and aspirations with confidence and determination so they can change the world.

"If you're a parent, community leader, or work team leader we'd love to have you join us at We’re partnering with a facilitator to bring people together for a fun, collaborative, live user research and kick off event called “Pop Up Think Tank.” After a short overview about how the Bosa app helps busy parents, we’ll use a simple, easy process to source feedback and new ideas."


  • When: Friday, April 28 @ 1:00p - 2:30p ET

  • Registration: This page will give you all the details. When you register, you’ll get a confirmation email and calendar invitation.

  • Note: We’ll be on Zoom with cameras on. Be able to come off mute, as needed.


Her Story

This week we are excited to introduce Anastasia Tarpeh-Ellis. Her thirst for startups came from working in Accelerators. Now, she is the Co-Founder of Bosa, a community driven life management platform that helps busy parents achieve their goals.

Previously, Anastasia built and ran accelerators for GRID110 and Backstage Capital, worked in local government managing large capital improvement programs and budgets, and she’s done lots of interesting side jobs over the years.

Anastasia’s passions are empowering others, creating genuine connections, and striving towards financial independence through entrepreneurship. Through her work in venture capital and realizing what she’s passionate about, she feels led to champion Black women now more than ever. She will relentlessly support Black women in as many ways as possible and she’s excited to see how that manifests along her journey.

She’s also an amateur real estate investor and angel investor in startups via equity crowdfunding platforms. You can find Anastasia enjoying Korean dramas, spending lots of time with her husband and family, serving at church, traveling, drinking tea, and eating delicious food.



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