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Investing in More Than A Business

Investing in people and their values instead of just focusing on profit will lead to greater success in the long run is the ideology of this weeks guest on the WF.

Cecily Mak is a Co-Founder of Wisdom Venture Fund, a $10mm company that has the goal to invest in entrepreneurs and budding businesses that want to promote unity, growth, equality, and connection in honest and healthy ways. She has 2 decades of experience working with businesses to help them excel in new ways. Her skills are highlighted most recently when she became the Chief Operating Officer at Blockdaemon, the world's largest cryptocurrency infrastructure company. Sheshe drove growth from 11 employees to almost 300 and valuation from $25mm to $3.25 billion (via a Seed 7 and rounds A-C) in 18 months with investors including Softbank, Tiger Global, Citi Ventures, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and several crypto native funds. She has been in roles labeled as Chief Legal and Business Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Professor, leader, speaker, and more.

When relfecting on her success and staregy she always goes back to the people. She believes a company is no better than their people which is why she is so keen on getting to know the people behind ideas before investing in them. She values relationships and connections and wants to make sure those values are shared with potential clinents.

Another passion of Cecily is something she calls ClearLife. She is discovering what it means to live without the "dimmers" on, something that disrubpts and intentional, present, and embodied life. DImmers can be things such as drinking, sex, shopping, eating, or anything that minimizes dscomfort and mutes our intuition. She is researching ways habits and lifestyle choices can help make people live a more aligned and intnetional life. She also has a books in the works on this topic so stay tuned for more on that by following her socials down below.

Instagram: @cecilymak and @clearlifejourney

Wisdom Venture Website:

To hear the inside scoop on what investors are looking for in businesses and Founders, advice in leading a successful company, ways to live aligned, and more check out her episode by clicking the link below!



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