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Inbal Claudio: Lighting the Way for Female Founders in the Digital World

The digital realm is no stranger to powerful transformations, and Inbal Claudio’s story is emblematic of this. From crafting candles to shaping a community for female founders, her journey is a testament to what passion and perseverance can achieve. Today, we dive deep into the episode of The Wild Feather Podcast that celebrates this dynamic woman's mission.

A Candle Maker’s Digital Dream:

It’s not every day you come across a candle maker turned digital visionary. Inbal Claudio's tale is unique, marked by an audacious transition. Drawing parallels between the artisanal world of candles and the intricate realm of tech may seem a stretch, but Inbal’s dedication to both crafts is the glowing bridge.

The Birth of Like Minded Collective:

What prompted the creation of Like Minded Collective? It’s more than just a social media platform; it’s a haven. A space for dreamers, creators, and female founders to not only connect but also amplify their visions and businesses. For Inbal, this was her answer to a gap in the market – a void where female entrepreneurs sought genuine connections and unwavering support.

Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: A Balancing Act:

Being a mother of three, Inbal's entrepreneurial spirit never waned. Instead, it became a driving force. Her determination to set an example for her daughters, showing them that boundaries are meant to be surpassed, is a recurring theme in her story. Inbal embodies the essence of balancing motherhood with dreams, a journey many can resonate with.

Breaking the Tech Barrier:

Venturing into the tech world with zero background might daunt most, but Inbal turned this challenge into her strength. She emphasizes the importance of genuine relationships, underscoring that, in an industry where women are underrepresented, fostering confidence and collaboration is crucial.

A Call to Action for Women Everywhere:

"I want to be an example for my two little girls that they can do absolutely anything. Talking about women and leadership is SO important!"

Inbal's mission extends beyond her platform. It's about changing the narrative, ensuring that women everywhere, regardless of their business stage, recognize their incredible potential.


Inbal Claudio's episode on The Wild Feather Podcast offers listeners more than just entrepreneurial insights. It's an inspiration, a beacon for those seeking their path in the vast world of business. Her story exemplifies that with unwavering passion, one can spark digital dreams and empower a whole community in the process.

Join the Conversation:

Tune into The Wild Feather Podcast to hear the full conversation and discover more stories that inspire, empower, and enlighten.




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