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Freedom and Fulfillment for Leaders

Wen Hsu is the Founder of Wen Coaching, which helps first, and second-generation immigrant female leaders build authentic and energetic leadership to have more life and work fulfillment.

After working for 15 years as an engineering leader in the tech industry, Wen became known for her strategic thinking, building self-sustainable teams, and creating empathetic leaders. Yet, she experienced the constraints and hurdles immigrant leaders face firsthand. This inspired her to help other female leaders as she could relate to their struggles.

Wen’s passion is to coach high-level women leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs to design and define their career and life successes. She combined her analytical mind with her intuition and landed on a unique approach. A highly customized approach that centers around mindset shifts and energetic leadership that in turn, enhances clarity, optimizes performance, and unlocks one’s true potential.

Through deep inner work and self-coaching, Wen consciously chooses who she is as a human, and as a leader and puts herself out into the world. Wen’s interests include animal welfare, economic empowerment, the arts, human rights, and the environment.



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