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Empowering Women and Building Authentic Connections

Anne Devereux-Mills: Entrepreneur, public-speaker, author, businesswoman, & more!


Anne spent 25 years building a successful career in the advertising industry until coming face to face with cancer. Fighting for her health while being a single mother of two daughters rocked Anne’s world. After her battle, she reflected on the relationships she built throughout the years and realized how transactional they were. She wanted more than this, she wanted deeper connections that were authentic and meaningful. This is why in 2012 she formed Parlay House, a new form of community that connects thousands of women around the world. Members of Parlay House meet in various ways depending on circumstances but traditionally at homes where they can share food and drinks and have open conversations about various topics. During the pandemic, this switched to an online format and stuck around for Parlay House members around the world.

Anne branched off Parlay House to co-host the podcast Bring a Friend, which shares a similar idea of opening personal conversations to everyone. Furthermore, Anne reflects on the power these relationships have shown her through her book The Parlay Effect: The Transformative Power of Female Connection. Blending scientific inquiry with heartfelt narratives, The Parlay Effect presents a roadmap for individuals undergoing life transitions, providing them with the tools to discover and cultivate communities that yield transformative and exponential effects. By delving into both rigorous research and personal anecdotes, this enlightening book guides readers toward harnessing the power of connection to amplify their influence and make a lasting impact on the world.

With a passion for making a change and giving back Anne dedicated her time as a mentor for SHE-CAN, an organization devoted to empowering and nurturing the future generation of female leaders emerging from post-genocide nations. She shared the lead of sponsors for California's Proposition 36, a crucial initiative that rectified the imbalances within the State's overly harsh Three Strikes Law, ensuring fairness in sentencing. Additionally, Anne served as the Executive Director of The Return, an Emmy-nominated documentary shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals reintegrating into society after the amendment of the Three Strikes Law. At Stanford University, she made a significant impact by directing the influential Healthy Body Image Program. Her impressive portfolio includes former positions as Board Chair of Marchex (MCHX) and Board Member of Lantern and National Home Healthcare.

To hear more of Anne's story and the insight she has gathered over the years listen to her episode on The Wild Feather and click the link below to learn more about Parlay House.



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