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Dental Professional Turned Teeth Whitening Entrepreneur

Meet Rachel Hicks!

Hear how Rachel escaped the 9-5 by starting her own company

in an uncharted industry.


Dental professional turned teeth whitening entrepreneur! Rachel started the first of its kind teeth whitening studio in her home town of Ontario, Canada. At 28 years old, Rachel has grown her consumer facing business, U Whitening, into a pop up model providing dental professional whitening at medi spas and dental offices. She also expanded U Whitening by creating a wholesale umbrella called Professional Whitening Products. To help teeth whitening entrepreneurs offer the best high quality products on the market, Professional Whitening Products offers take home chairside products that are used in a dental professionals daily business.

Rachel’s goal is to help turn this unregulated teeth whitening industry to a respected and safe environment for clients and technicians. She has learned and proved that teeth whitening can be a great complimentary service or stand alone business. Rachel has been escaping the typical 9-5 since 2020, which inspired her entrepreneurial journey. Tune in to this week's episode where we will discuss all things entrepreneurship and what it’s like to dive into uncharted industries!


To learn more about Rachel Hicks, Professional Whitening Products & U Whitening, head over to their website!



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