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Breaking Bias: Jen Henderson's Mission to Revolutionize Leave Management

In the latest episode of The Wild Feather Podcast, host Ruby Sunshine Taylor sits down with Jen Henderson, the founder of Tilt, a leave-of-absence management company that's making waves in the HR tech industry. Jen's journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship is nothing short of inspirational, filled with determination, resilience, and a deep commitment to driving positive change.

Jen's background is firmly rooted in the corporate world, where she spent 15 years in operational roles. She loved her career and found satisfaction in the challenges it presented. However, her life took a significant turn when she and her husband embarked on a seven-year journey of in vitro fertilization to start a family. This period of uncertainty and lack of control in her personal life became a catalyst for her career-focused coping mechanism.

After finally achieving success in their fertility journey and becoming pregnant, Jen's career took an unexpected hit. The moment she announced her pregnancy to her employer, she noticed a sudden halt in her career progression. It was a stark realization that something was wrong, and it was devastating for Jen, who had always held her career as a vital part of her identity.

Undeterred, she continued to work hard and regain her career momentum. But the same pattern repeated itself when she became pregnant with her second child. This time, not only was her promotion rescinded, but she also faced a legally questionable situation. Her story is a stark reminder that pregnancy discrimination remains a significant issue in the workforce.

Despite the challenges, Jen chose to walk away from her corporate career. She had a supportive partner who encouraged her to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Thus, Tilt was born. TILT, an acronym for Talent and Leave Technology, is an HR tech company specializing in leave of absence management. The company aims to standardize and improve the leave process, reducing the potential for bias and discrimination that Jen experienced.

It's evident that she is not just a successful entrepreneur but also a dedicated advocate for change. She believes in bringing the human touch back to leave management and ensuring that everyone has access to fair and equal treatment when it comes to leaves of absence.

Jen's story is a testament to her resilience and determination to make a difference in the lives of employees and employers alike. She shares valuable insights about the challenges of fundraising, the importance of finding the right investors, and the significance of building relationships in the world of entrepreneurship.

In the world of entrepreneurship, every day is different, and there are no shortcuts to success. Jen Henderson's story serves as an inspiration to those who have faced adversity in their careers and are looking to create a positive impact in the world. Her dedication to making leave management fairer and more accessible to all is a beacon of hope for the future of work.

Tune in to hear more inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs making a difference on The Wild Feather Podcast.



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